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As an agency who specialise in food packaging design. We believe that great packaging design, firstly, needs to make an impact on the shelf, and also online. Secondly, the product needs to engage emotionally with the consumer and evoke a response. Finally, creating a desire to buy. Therefore, delivering that all important message – choose me.

Over the years we’ve had the fortune to work with a wide range of food producers / companies. Ranging from the small artisan businesses, including; Raging Bull Biltong and Parlour Made Cheese. To large international corporations, such as, Primula and Castle MacLellan.

What we have discovered working with food producers over the years, is their passion and dedication to what they produce. At enspire, we strive to reflect this in all we do. We believe in building relationships with out clients, whereby they trust us to deliver their aspirations for the products they produce. As they may only have one chance to get it right, it is best to get packaging designed by a professional agency who know what they are doing.

Along with our experience comes knowledge. Unlike other packaging design, food packaging needs to follow strict food labelling and packaging guidelines. Our designers, pride themselves on keeping up to date with new or amended guidelines and regulations. So you can be reassured, what ever we produce, won’t fall foul to the regulations. We also have a extensive knowledge of materials and print processes. Allowing us to advise on the best ways to get your packaging produced.

Don’t forget, your packaging and brand are only the start of the journey. As a full service design agency, enspire can help with the marketing of your product, to get your message out there. Whether you want to achieve breaking in to retail or selling your products yourself online. Enspire have the necessary skills and contacts to make your dreams a reality. Be enspired, get in touch to have a chat about your project.

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