point of sale design by enspire

At enspire, we have worked on a number of point of sale design projects large and small. From, large window displays to small shelf barkers. The extent of the point of sale we have designed is broad to say the least.

The purpose of point of sale (POS), as well as point of purchase (POP) is to grab the attention customers. Whether, that is from outside the store, for example, window displays, posters etc. Or for the most part within the store itself. Such as, CDUs, FSDUs, shelf strips etc. There are many ways point of sale can be used. For the purpose of drawing attention to an offer, a competition or new product launch.

Point of Sale design projects

At enspire we have worked with many different types of company on point of sale projects. Some of these include; Toymaster who we have designed a number of window displays. Haliborange and Seven Seas, for whom we have worked on various point of sale projects. Most notably, Boots and Superdrug. Not to mention, LeapFrog. As well as, various point of sale project. We worked closely with them, to develop an in-store system for Smyths Toys. In this case, to allow customers to get extra information about LeapFrog products.

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