Enspire were approached to create a logo design for Northumberland Seafood, the seafood brand design project also included creating a sub brand for their fish box scheme and to design and build a website to promote, sell and educate the public about Northumberland seafood. The Seafood Brand design project was part of Amble Development Trusts’ long term objective to transform Amble into a visitor destination excelling in seafood, the Northumberland Seafood Centre was built to promote and sell Northumberland Seafood.

Along with creating the logo design for Northumberland Seafood, Enspire also created the brand for the Creel Fish club, a fish box scheme in which fish lovers can sign up to and receive a sample of the latest catch that week. Following on from the brand design project, enspire designed and built a new website. A place where the public can find out about and keep up to date with the initiative. In built into the website is an online shop where fish lovers can buy some of the coastlines well known species such as Craster Kippers and Lindisfarne Oysters as well as sign up to the Creel Club fish box scheme.

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