Prime Bite had bought the biltong brand, Raging Bull and wanted a new brand and packaging design. They approached enspire design as they had seen and liked what we had done with The Biltong Man branding and packaging. Prime Bite wanted Raging Bull to be a high quality meat snack, using responsibly sourced prime cuts of British and Irish beef. Doing research of the market and competitor brands. We felt it was best to create a new brand identity establishing Raging Bull as a prime artisan brand. The brand identity was developed with a minimal vintage style.

Taking a stamp / brand style with strong typography. The minimal style was then carried through to the packaging design. Using a muted palette for the various flavours and combing that with a bold typeface choice. Following up on from the packaging design. Enspire then approached the visual language of the brand website, exhibition stand and promotional material. Establishing the artisan theme using a rustic style, backed up with provenance imagery to promote the prime quality aspect of the product.

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